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Soul Soil Research Institute

The mission of Soul Soil Research Institute is to conduct insightful community-based research that will benefit trans*, queer, and LGBIA populations and support the values of Soul Soil Collective Farm. We are especially focused on informing health service providers and supporting resilient and thriving lives for trans*/NB and gender-expansive people. Soul Soil Research Institute is a subsidiary of Soul Soil Collective Farm.

Current projects


Gender-affirming care needs assessment

Kris Gebhard, PhD is currently facilitating a coalition of researchers and organizations

around a mission to make financial support for gender-affirming medical interventions more widely accessible nationwide. We are inspired by the broad-reaching success within the reproductive justice movement of providing financial support to patients across the country using technology (such as Piggybank) to easefully distribute funds, and are currently conducting a needs assessment research project to better understand the need for financial and practical support on the ground.


In September 2023, Soul Soil Research Institute received a generous grant from Reprocare to launch the needs assessment. Kris is currently connecting with researchers who are doing national and regional studies that can help us more fully understand the healthcare needs of TGNC people in general and the disparities in access to essential gender-affirming healthcare, formulating specific research questions for mixed methods empirical studies to conduct in 2024, and fundraising to support the full budget required to complete the needs assessment.

We're on a mission to figure out how to get trans folks any financial and practical support they  need to access to gender-affirming care!


We are currently fundraising to hire a full-time researcher, and are also open to volunteer researchers. Contact Kris for an informational interview!

Community resilience among communities targeted by state-sanctioned violence

Kris has also recently engaged in scholarship on building and maintaining community resilience among communities targeted by state-sanctioned violence — here’s a toolkit on strategies for building community resilience.  Kris is available to consult with community members on strategies for building our resilience as a cornerstone of work to generate a society free from reliance on destructive forces.

Let’s Work Together

Reach out to Kris if you are interested in collaborating! You may also email

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