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Our Programs


We are currently dreaming and planning retreats, classes, and other community programming to facilitate in the Baltimore area, while we raise funds to enable us to purchase farmland near the city.

If you have a land-based healing interest or dream, reach out! We are excited to connect and collaborate.

Soul Soil Healing


Soul Soil Healing is a workers-owned therapy practice co-founded by Dr. Kris Gebhard and Emily Rizzo, LCPC. They are accepting new clients for individual, relationship, or family therapy.

Flower Farming


Several of us are experienced in flower farming in the DMV area, and excited to collaborate and learn from each other. If you're also a flower farmer or interested in learning more, reach out!

Soul Soil Research Institute


Headed by Dr. Kris Gebhard, the research institute is conducting community-based research that will inform health services and benefit trans and LGBQ communities.

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